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Relaxation Therapy Inclusive

MicroDerm Triple Treatment - 1 1/2 Hr - $155

Microdermabrasion-Oxygen Infusion-LED Light Therapy

Three combined treatments for ultimate repair, recovery and restoration on the cellular level. Excellent for anti-aging, acne or hyperpigmentation.

MicroDermabrasion Elite Facial - 1 Hr - $125

A non-invasive deep resurfacing technique that improves the overall texture, tone & clarity of skin. Recommended for diminishing fine lines, hyperperpigmentation & problematic skin types. Also stimulates collagen/elastic production on a cellular level.

MicroDermabrasion Petite Facial - 3/4 Hr - $100.00

Same treatment as above, excluding relaxation therapy.

MicroDermabrasion Express - 1/2 Hr - $ 75.00

Surface cleansing, micro, rehydration & sun protection to go!

Glycolic Resurfacing Peel - 1 Hr - $110.00

On a cellular level, provides retexturizing & refinement of pores addressing fine lines, sun damage, enlarged pores, course texture &/or acne.

Glycolic Petite Peel - 3/4 Hr - $ 95.00

Same treatment as above, excluding relaxation therapy.

Glycolic Express - 1/2 Hr - $ 75.00

Cleansing, peel, rehydration & sun protection-series recommended.

Refinement Rejuvenation Deep Peel - 1/2 Hr - $100.00

Equivalent to a modified Jessner peel, combination of three alpha & beta acids that aggressively treats all skin types. Great treatment peel for deep resurfacing, smoothing texture, diminishing fine lines & discoloration-great for problem/acne skin types as well!

C-ESTA Vita C Anti-Aging Facial - 1 Hr - $ 95.00

Patented skin rejuvenation treatment focusing on tightening, lifting & firming-revitalizing & rejuvenating aging skin. Entirely unique concept in topical anti-aging and hosts powerful compounds targeting the mature client.

Retinol Renewal Regeneration Facial - 1 Hr - $ 95.00

Patented award winning retinol treatment utilizing four combined exfoliants and infusion of retinoids that greatly diminishes fine lines, minimize pore size & even skin tone while regenerating healthy dermal cell growth.

Luminate Lightening Treatment Facial - 1 Hr - $ 95.00

Aggressive treatment with cutting edge ingredients patented by Jan Marini for targeting hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tones due to sun damage &/or aging skin. 

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